Sightseeing's and entertaiment

Sightseeing's and entertaiment

Parga is the paradise of the romantic visitor

A walk to the closely alleys with the view to the mansions influenced from the Ionian island’s architecture, full of flowers, while for those who prefer nights with spree, the clubs, the bars, the taverns and the restaurants give a cosmopolitan character to the town.

Do not neglect to visit the Venetian castle that dominates at the north of the harbour, enjoying the picturesque way through traditional streets and the endless view. Exceptional also it is the castle of Ali Pasa in the village Trikorfo, which abstains 4 kilometres from Parga with a unique view.

The Venetian olive grove, the around hills and the coasts make Parga to look the ideal place for the hikers. It deserves a mention to the book of British Lance Chilton that reports certain walks in Parga with the title “Walks in Parga”. In front of the port is found the all around green islet of Virgin Mary with the homonym small church and the remnants of the French fort. It is also remarkable the old churches of Saint Apostles and Saint Helena with the marvellous hagiographies.

Near to the beach of Valtos is built the Monastery of Virgin Mary of Vlachernon, which founded by Anna Komninou, at the beginning of the 11th century. At the church museum are exposed holy utensils, vestments, pictures, manuscripts, Gospels and an epitaph of 17th century.

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