About Parga

About Parga

The lord of Epirus with picturesque streets and history that is lost in the depths of the centuries.

Parga is a graphic town that is extended amphitheatrically on the slopes of Pezolithos. The municipality of Parga belongs in the Prefecture of Preveza, near to the river Acheron, to Igoumenitsa, and across of the picturesque islands Paksoi and Antipaksoi.

It abstains 57 kilometres from Preveza and 38 kilometres from Igoumenitsa. Because of her geographic place, the Venetians considered as a region of strategic importance.

They said that it is "the eye and the ear of Corfu". In order to protect the town from the Ottoman attacks they built the castle that dominates even today above the city. The town of Parga became Municipality from 1947 and was nominated "tourist region" in 1962.

At the beach of Valtos, the tourist growth began very early, from the beginning of the ΄50s. It is exceptionally picturesque and it is distinguished for the natural beauties, the age-long olives that reach up to the sea and the clean beaches.

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